workout app concept




2015 - 2 weeks

This is a concept design for a workout app. I had been using the Bodyspace app for a few months and was fed up with how clunky & outdated the UI was. So I decided to redesign the workout plan I was using at the time. I ended up prototyping the design with Invision so I could actually use it.


bodyspace app design

These screens highlight the current design of the original workout app. The UI & typography are small and crowded with little hierarchy. There are multiple actions to take and it's hard to get to the features you want.

I didn't feel particularly motivated with this design, if anything it's distracting. When I'm working out I just want to quickly glance at my screen.

There were also weird features that don't really seem necessary for an individual. 


I read through a bunch of user reviews on the app store to get some more feedback on BodySpace. I highlighted a few that I thought would help inform my design direction. 

If your just looking for a social media site for fitness people, this may be for you. I downloaded it to track my workouts and use the free programs. If the reps are different for each set, you don’t know that until you save the preview set. If you don’t know to look at the small number, you will miss it. With the new update, It automatically puts your numbers in and it’s confusing. Now when I try to track my workouts, it crashes
— AdminUser
Miss the older version, too many menus to go through, too many social shares... It’s basically fortifying the gym mirror selfie...
— FreddyforYourNextUsedCar
I love being able to see my total weight lifted go up each visit to the gym
— LivingDeity

The flow

My idea was to focus the app around your workout & progress. You could browse and start off on a basic set of workouts or purchase more in-app. If the app was popular enough it would be cool to have athletes and celebrity sponsored workouts that they created! 

Once you have your workout chosen, you are always reminded of your progress. It would be really cool to have your gains (across all the workouts) averaged into one percentage so it was easy to quickly understand progress.

I also wanted the actions to be clear and easy to tap, so I made sure to focus on sizing and hiearchy. 


THE design

I wanted to make the visuals as simple and motivating as possible. Influenced by Nike and old action movie posters (Rambo) I decided to use bold typography as the focal point and supporting imagery to help inspire. It helps make it very clear where to focus when glancing at a screen quickly.


Check out the full design and prototype below


What I'd do next

It would be great to come up with some features that motivate and suggest increasing weight after a certain period of time. Also it would be cool to see how nutrition could be more apart of the app, maybe syncing with a scale for easy tracking.